Weekly Wonders! #3

I had so many good intentions of getting lots done this week…the main issue with this plan is that we had a bank holiday, a bank holiday always throws me off for the rest of the week and I never know what day it is. The rest of the issues with this plan are that it’s been cold (and therefore freezing in my office), the dogs have left me alone – I can’t sit on the sofa without having a dog in my lap or face in 3 seconds flat which means there is no space for a laptop, I’ve only just got over the head cold that nearly killed me last week AND instead of spending the time I did have working on improving our existing business I created a whole new one! It’s all very exciting but it also means I now have even less time spare for everything else I have to fit into a week.

Without further ado here’s some of the links I’ve loved from around the internet this week;

  • Beautiful Indigo blue with gold scales teeny fish earrings {Image 1}
  • This castle is up for sale just in case anyone wants to buy it? {Image 2}
  • Unicorn Poop Slime {Image 3}
  • Unicorn Angel Cake {Image 4}
  • This dress is adorable, I love the sausage dog print {Image 5}
  • Sock Kangaroo plushie – so clever! {Image 6}
  • I really need to learn how to crochet – this is called Strawberry Stitch, how cute would it be on the hem of a little kiddie cardigan? {Image 7}
  • This is such a clever idea – I love that it’s not just a normal flower pot {Image 8}
  • I had to share Cass’ post for Pink Prosecco Flavoured Gummy Bears because I know so many people who would like to try them! Perfect for a girls night in {Image 9}
  • I’ve got so many succulent themed DIYs saved to my Pinterest boards but this looks super easy and I think it would look great with a mirror in the middle {Image 10}

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