Weekly Wonders! #2

I’ve lost my voice! I don’t feel overly unwell but I’ve only ever lost my voice once before and I definitely don’t like it. I was hoping that I’d be able to get a bit more done in the week between Christmas and New Year but this cold ruined those plans. At least I should start 2018 feeling decidedly healthier than I do leaving 2017!

Without further ado  here’s some of the links I’ve loved from around the internet this week;

  • I think we all know someone who would appreciate a bag like this {Image 1}
  • These paper cacti are so intricate and beautiful {Image 2}
  • Origami and paper cutting skills Level 1000 {Image 3}
  • Is one of your New Years Resolutions to send more letters? This little fella can give you a hand with that {Image 4}
  • Baileys Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes – winter in a cupcake! {Image 5}
  • If IKEA still sells these beds when we have children then I am making them each a playhouse bunkbed  {Image 6}
  • It’s a Purrmaid! {Image 7}
  • Do you Avo best friend who needs a necklace? {Image 8}

And this weeks musts are…

Must Drink – Honey and Lemon! Anything that will help to fix my throat and help me speak!!

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