A typical Musha Christmas

We don’t really do Christmas in the traditional sense in the Musha household. We’ve never done a turkey roast, there has only really been decorations the past two years (none this year because of the pups), we’ve not exchanged gifts since our second Christmas and always, without fail, someone is ill.

This year it’s my turn to be ill and I’ve opted for a sore throat, swirly head and aches all over. It’s one of this slow building ill’s that’s going to keep me feeling rough for good few days and then should fizzle out (fingers crossed!)

I’ve volunteered to sleep in the spare room so that I try not to pass it to Dean and he can actually get some sleep because when I’m ill I snore like a walrus…apparently.

Maybe we should adopt some proper, non illness based, traditions for next year!

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I took this photo to show how much of a wimp I am because the only way I can sleep upstairs on my own is with the ensuite light on and door open is as that room is soooo dark! I’m also surrounded by clothes hanging up to dry on airers (we always seem to have a ton of laundry so one room in the house because the designated drying room) so when I wake up in the night I’m going to be frightened by lots of floaty shadowy shapes until I realise what room I’m in.



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Charlotte is a part-time blogger from Essex in the UK. She splits her time between working full-time, running a household, managing an online craft store, keeping 2 crazy Dachshunds under control and binge watching GOT with her husband.

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