How I made £50 in 30 minutes with 1 box – making money with WeBuyBooks

making money with webuybooks
(First published on in December 2016)

Since 2017 is going to be the year we really get into tackling our debt and sorting out our home I thought why not kill two birds with one stone – so I decluttered some shelves and decided to see if we could make some money from our unwanted DVD’s and books.

I had asked on a Facebook group for suggestions of sites to use and downloaded apps for the main 4 suggested (Music Magpie, Zapper, Ziffit, Sellto and WeBuyBooks). People had suggested checking prices on each one to see who offered the best deal so I had a ‘tester pile’ of DVDs that I scanned onto each app and WeBuyBooks came out as offering the top amount of money by quiet some way.

Their app is really easy to use – you just scan an items barcode (it then says if it is an item they are currently accepting or not), it shows how much you will get for it and adds it to your account. Once you’re done scanning you go through and make sure you are happy with your offer and then checkout. They give you a label to print off for postage and you can choose to deliver it to a myhermes location or have it picked up by a courier.

It took me less than 30 minutes to get all the item barcodes scanned into the app, my offer confirmed and my packaging labels printed off then I sat down with a cuppa and packaged all the bits up into 3 separate boxes – there is a restriction on how big and heavy each box can be for MyHermes to deliver them back to WeBuyBooks but it’s pretty generous, I just didn’t want to strain the poor delivery guys back!

The boxes will be dropped of to our local post office shop on Monday after work and I should hopefully have the money through by New Years. Making money with WeBuyBooks was so easy, it’s giving me the kickstart I needed to get excited about working hard to make extra money next year and clearing our debt as quick as possible!

Have you got Books/DVDs/CDs/Games that you could sell for a bit of extra cash? Let me know how much you make in the comments!

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