Am I ready to be a parent?

(First posted on in January 2017 but a year on the idea still scares me a bit)

I text my sister yesterday saying that I missed Phoebe and I wanted to see her ASAP, she asked if I wanted her for a few hours this morning so that she could get some stuff done at home, of course being the amazing auntie I am, I happily obliged.

10:30am this morning I have a knock at the door, in comes Phoebe and immediately wants to see the dog. We have a good 10 minutes of Phoebe saying “No tank ou Dizz, no jumpin” and Fizz squealing the way only Dachshunds can..I already have a slight headache.


We then settle down in the living room, open the toy drawer and get out her favourite “panner and dew diver” It’s a good job she came over as apparently everything in the living room needs fixing and she is just the toddler to do it!

Once everything was fixed we moved on to colouring, Phoebe was very pleased with her colouring in of the “dicken”, I was told I wasn’t allowed to help…I could hold the crayons instead.

By 11:30 we were getting a bit tired, Phoebe and Fizz had a falling out because the dog doesn’t understand boundries and Phoebe likes to have her personal space (usually protected by kicking legs and flying arms). Fizz decided to bury herself in my dressing gown and Phoebe decided its the funnest thing every to watch Postman Pat and use my leg as a bouncer and a slide. I had tried to convince everyone that we should have a nap but no-one else thought that was a good idea.

We ended our play date with a bit of a meltdown (her not me) as someone (again, her not me) was very tired and probably teething so we had our dummy and muzzey and snuggled until Daddy came to pick her up.

I love this child so so much (like the most every times a million much) but, my god, she wears me out! I feel like I’m constantly on high alert – making sure she doesn’t hurt herself/isn’t hungry/isn’t tired/isn’t thirsty/doesn’t want Mummy/she’s being nice to the dog. I know this is a normal way to be around children but I find it so draining, is it easier if it’s your own child? Do you develop special mummy mental stamina when you have your own? How do people do it? I love being an auntie and I love helping out with Phoebe but to be honest the prospect of being a parent myself some day in the next few years is pretty scary, how do people do it?

Please tell me being a parent one day wont be as scary as I think it will!

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