80+ Recipes to use up your Christmas Leftovers

One of the best things about Christmas is the food, I don’t think anyone can deny that! Another thing that I think most people will agree on is that we tend to go a bit over board with how much we cook/prepare for the Christmas feast – there is always a bowl of something or other left to use up so I thought instead of  people being subjected to eating cold turkey sandwiches for days on end why not share some recipes to use up  Christmas leftovers!

I spent a good few hours Googling and deciding on the tastiest recipes to share, so here you go 80+ recipes to help you use up your Christmas leftovers!


There is always turkey leftovers when our family have Christmas dinner, normally Mum will make a soup from it …but then you have turkey soup for days on end…it’s like a never ending bird!

Smoked Salmon

We have never had smoked salmon on Christmas morning (it’s usually just tea, biscuits and lots of chocolate!) but I know a lot of people who love their smoked salmon with bucks fizz before opening their presents.


One thing we can guarantee that will never be left over in our house is brussel sprouts – Dean LOVES them! I’m not too keen on them myself but I am a potato fiend so after a few days of roast potato overload I can normally be convinced to get my carb fix via some yummy bubble and squeak.

Stuffing and Sausage Meat

I love stuffing and sausage meat but after finding some of these recipes I’d be tempted to make more than I could eat just so I had leftovers!


I don’t know what kind of person has left over cheese anytime of the year let alone Christmas BUT just in case you do…and don’t want to send it over my way…you can always try one of these yummy recipes.


Ahh nuts, there is always a bowl of them left somewhere after Christmas – normally because we’re too lazy to deal with the mess of cracking them open and the fact that it’s a lot of work for a fairly small reward (yes, I know I could just get pre-shelled nuts but that’s not very Christmassy) but some of these recipes make it worth buying them!

Christmas Pudding, Sweet Mincemeat and Christmas Chocolates

Christmas Pudding – you either love it or hate it, the same goes for mince pies…I added in the Christmas chocolates bit just in case anyone did have left over chocolate…I know it sounds crazy but apparently not all people fight over the chocolate boxes at Christmas..some people have left over Bounty and Snickers in the celebration tins…weirdos


I have never tried Advocaat but I seem to remember it being around at Christmas as a child, it’d normally get opened for one person to have a drink and then it would never be touched again, apparently a lot of people find the same thing with Baileys (we love Baileys in this house so we never have any left!) There are a ton of Baileys recipes around, it could have probably had its own list!

So that’s 80+ recipes to help you use up your Christmas Leftovers – let me know if you try any!

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(First posted on Mushaville.com in December 2016)

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