CharlotteMusha.co.uk is a blog that tries to be as real and unfiltered as possible (barring the odd Snapchat filter because they are just too fun!) It gives an honest look at my everyday life and discusses the topics that people can sometimes be a bit uncomfortable to talk about such as money/mental health.

It is a lifestyle blog but more-so it is my lifestyle blog so it has a whole mixture of things going on from cute dog pics to crafting to chat about money saving/budgeting and how I try my best to tackle running a house whilst working full – time. I can’t force my blogging into a niche because my mind doesn’t fit into a niche – I know its like the no.1 blogging sin to not have a niche but ‘that shoe don’t fit so I ain’t wearing it!’

A little about me…

I’m 29, married to Dean and have two dog children – Fizz and Luna. We live in Essex and currently work full time in the Biomedical Services Industry.

I have a penchant for tea and sleep mainly…but I also like dogs, crafting, spreadsheets, sparkly nail varnish, succulents & cacti, hoarding cosmetics and toiletries, taking naps with my dog, Gilmore Girls, anything potato based and sending silly snap chats to my 18month old niece.

I don’t get much spare time in between working and running a household but any I do get is spent running this blog and working for BebeMakes which is an online shop I run with my Sister and Mum.

About CharlotteMusha.co.uk

I started CharlotteMusha.co.uk in July 2017 after realising how much I missed blogging! I actually started blogging around 8 or 9 years ago when life was particularly difficult for me, my Bipolar 2 disorder had not been diagnosed and life was a constant rollercoaster of highs and lows (you can read more about this here) and I started blogging as it was the only way I could get the mess in my head out and ‘down on paper’. Everything was normal for a few years and then I got made redundant/struggled to find a new job/life got hectic/flipped upside down/a bit crap in mid 2015 and I took a blogging break, a few weeks turned into a few months and life  just got in the way.

As with all things though our luck soon changed and in September 2016 I found myself with a new job in a field with security, a good wage, easy commute, nice colleagues…yup, I did the thing most people would dread and got a job with my husband…literally 20ft away from him…

So, now that life feels like it’s back on track, with less stress, more free time and a need to get away from the husband in the evening I set my office up again (I stole 80% of his music room to do so but he loves me and stuff so its fine…plus I did it when he was out for the day) and got back on the blogging bandwagon.


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