Weekly Wonders! #3

I had so many good intentions of getting lots done this week…the main issue with this plan is that we had a bank holiday, a bank holiday always throws me off for the rest of the week and I never know what day it is. The rest of the issues with this plan are that it’s been cold (and therefore freezing in my office), the dogs have left me alone – I can’t sit on the sofa without having a dog in my lap or face in 3 seconds flat which means there is no space for a laptop, I’ve only just got over the head cold that nearly killed me last week AND instead of spending the time I did have working on improving our existing business I created a whole new one! It’s all very exciting but it also means I now have even less time spare for everything else I have to fit into a week.

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80+ Recipes to use up your Christmas Leftovers

One of the best things about Christmas is the food, I don’t think anyone can deny that! Another thing that I think most people will agree on is that we tend to go a bit over board with how much we cook/prepare for the Christmas feast – there is always a bowl of something or other left to use up so I thought instead of  people being subjected to eating cold turkey sandwiches for days on end why not share some recipes to use up  Christmas leftovers!

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How I made £50 in 30 minutes with 1 box – making money with WeBuyBooks

making money with webuybooks
(First published on Mushaville.com in December 2016)

Since 2017 is going to be the year we really get into tackling our debt and sorting out our home I thought why not kill two birds with one stone – so I decluttered some shelves and decided to see if we could make some money from our unwanted DVD’s and books.

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