Finally getting straightened up

I feel like this is how all of us (Dean, the dogs, the puppies and I) have spent our week but this morning Luna had me up at 6:45am, so much for a weekend lie in!

I suppose it was a good job that she got me up that early though as it means I’ve been able to get a lot done. The washing machine has been on non-stop, the kitchen sides are finally clean and I’ve got dinner out of the freezer already for tonight.

We’ve also finally reclaimed the living as our own as the pups and Fizz can move into the dining room now so we cleaned their crate, gave them new bedding and snuggled them into their new corner. We took this opportunity to also rearrange the mass of wires and cables behind the TV unit. We’ve just switched from Sky to NOW TV so we had TV boxes to remove and swap plus a ton of random cables that didn’t seem to be doing much just lying around gathering dust.

I’ve no idea what we ended up pulling out but everything that should work does work and we managed to free up a full extension as well as plug-in the display unit and twig lights which haven’t been turned on in about 2 years!

I also managed to fit in some time to work in the office (lots of orders of Unicorn Cups to get made up) to and get orders up to date and of course I spent plenty of time snuggling and sniffing puppies!

Weekly Wonders #1

To say that it’s been a difficult week would be an understatement – I’ve probably cried more this week than I have done in the past year which was mainly due to sleep deprivation, hormones and worrying about the puppies and Fizz.

Everything is good now and I’ve finally had a full nights sleep in a proper bed (instead of a camp bed in the kitchen, much to Luna’s upset) and puppy worries are dissipating with each day as the smaller one who was struggling to keep up weight wise is back on track thanks to some top up feeds by hand.

Anyway, enough of my whinging, here’s some of the links I’ve loved from around the internet this week;

  • I’d love sparkly faux bugs like this is display frames around the house, is that a bit odd? {Image 1}
  • ‘Freak shots are the brand new dessert trend…simply fill your chocolate shot cup with the tipple of your choice, top with cream and decorate with all the trimmings’ How delicious do these sound? I would go for the Baileys one {Image 2}
  • I watch Jamerrill’s videos on YouTube and I’m amazed at how organized she is with such a big family! She has created a free Mega Freezer Meals Planning Pack which is going to be so handy to have {Image 3}
  • Salted Caramel Apple Cocktail…it’s got apple in it..that makes it one of your 5-a-day doesn’t it? {Image 4}
  • I need a tiny paper terrarium for my desk {Image 5}
  • Do you like the new Unicorn cups we launched on BebeMakes this week? {Image 6}
  • Who doesn’t need a watermelon shaped handbag? {Image 7}
  • I know I’m a bit late for Halloween but I love this decor with the pumpkins spilling out of the fireplace {Image 8}

There’s always one

Every litter has a clown and I think we’ve found ours!

Surely its much more comfortable to feed laying on your tummy with all for paws planted firmly on the ground? Puppies are funny (and noisy!) little things, they’ve already developing their own personalities and their facial features are becoming more prominent – I just want to kiss them all the time

What life looks like at the moment

Every morning of the past week has been spent pretty much like this, laying with Luna on the put up bed in the kitchen trying to catch up on sleep.

Every night has been spent listening out for puppy squeaks and putting them back on to Fizz to feed when they whined for too long.

The house is a mess, I’ve not got out of my pj’s in about 4 days, I don’t think we’ve eaten a proper dinner in at least 5 days but we have a healthy, thriving litter of puppies and a mumma dog who is healing nicely after an unexpected c-section (more on that another time).

It’s getting dangerously close to Christmas time and we still have product ranges to launch over at BebeMakes as well as keeping up with current orders and I’m doing all of that at the same time as working a full-time job, running a house and renovating a workshop (which we had planned to finish by December)

So…what better time to launch a blog than this!

I can’t promise that I will post everyday but I can promise lots of cute puppy pics and a unique insight into our lives and how I’m striving to make my household and life run a lot more smoothly – doesn’t that sound like fun?

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